Penny Lamnek
Visual Artist


(posted on 7 Mar 2014)

This website is a turning point for me. I believe it marks that I am taking my myself and my art more seriously. With a deep nervous breath, I step forward and join the ranks of my peers proclaiming "I am and Artist - these are my works" with the conviction that there is a place for me and these paintings are worth your consideration.

The journey continues and this space will be used to express the ups and downs all of us must face as we forge ahead in our creative life.

I will share any insights gained from trial and error, knowlege gleaned from classes, and mind blowing, head shattering, life changing revelations that heaven chooses to send to me. I am open to all!

I welcome your comments, constructive criticism as well as exuberant praise and enthusiastic back slapping.

I wish there was spell check with this......


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