Penny Lamnek
Visual Artist

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Gabrielle - 30 Jul 2018
Great to see your art work...truly many great artists from KSA. Holidayed in Nelson this art school..better than ever.
Jim Lawrence - 11 Nov 2014
LOVE IT!! It's about time that your talents, that we've admired for so very long, are out there for the world to see!! Congrats on the web site.
Linda Pluim - 25 Mar 2014
Very nice work Penny
Daniel Pluim - 25 Mar 2014
Very nice! Keep up the good work!
Jon Lamnek - 24 Mar 2014
Looking at your paintings is the equivalent of gianing access through the gate of the garden fairy's secret garden. A rare privilege and not one to be taken lightly.
Corinne Watson - 24 Mar 2014
Your work is beautiful Penny. You are a natural! Keep learning and growing xx Jackie
jackie impey - 24 Mar 2014
Love the website! Love your paintings even more... your water color ones are amazing.
Tanner DeLorey - 24 Mar 2014
Awesome site Penny, you go girl....!
Anne Yundt - 24 Mar 2014
Nicely done Penny. Best Wishes.
Patti Cameron - 24 Mar 2014
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